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Industry CAD Solution  - Tell Industry

Tell Industry is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) software that aids the design and production of 3D digitised mock-ups and full manufacturing drawings. Thanks to the wealth of its functionalities, Tell Industry meets the requirements of the following sectors: machine-tools, mechanics and micro-technology.

Tell Industry is user-friendly and has intuitive, quick-to-implement functions. Users can therefore give their imagination and ingenuity free reign without being constrained by the rigours of using a conventional CAD product.

Tell Industry's design methodology comes closest to a drawing board. Unlike other generic CAD programmes, Tell Industry does not use the standard parametric assembly method; this mean you are free to move your design elements around.

There is no limit to the dimensions or the number of elements you design in your projects; you can therefore make and quickly handle a large number of assemblies (about 200,000 parts). Tell Industry's rich functionalities let you create high-quality 2D design dossiers without having to go through the 3D process.

Tell Industry meets its clients' needs: in a drive for constant improvement, we make it possible for users to provide us with feedback. Moreover, our R&D team can help create functionalities for specific needs, thereby offering clients bespoke software and a quality service.

Tell Industry is a 100% Swiss-made software, created and developed by Serge Favre, who originally designed it in 1983.


Must Have

The digital mockup


Vectorisation of fonts


Other functionnalities

Creating sketches


Display and Overview

Parameterised parts ​

Interoperability – CAD data import/export

Programming interface